Front of pack labelling

Nutrition information on the front of pack

Although labels are changing, most packaged food and drink products will continue to show simple nutrition information on the front of pack which is provided voluntarily by manufacturers.

Front of pack nutrition labels will show either:
Energy | Fat | Saturates | Sugars | Salt

An example of front of pack labelling

All of the front of pack information will be provided in grams (g) apart from energy which must now appear in 'kilojoules' (kJ) and 'kilocalories' (kcal). 'Kilocalories', or calories as they are often called, are what people refer to when they talk about energy intakes from food.

The front of pack information may also show what % of the Reference Intakes the food provides. In the picture above these are shown underneath the values (in grams) of the food.

Usually the nutrition information shown on the front of pack will be given in a portion or unit and this will be shown immediately next to the label e.g. 'per ½ of a pizza' or 'per slice'.

Last reviewed: 02 Jan 2021