Front of pack labelling - check, compare and choose

Using front of pack labels to check, compare and choose

The front of pack label allows consumers to:

  • Check what a food contains - how much energy and how many grams of fat, saturates, sugars and salt plus what % of the Reference Intakes this contributes to
  • Compare foods with other similar foods
  • Choose the foods that best suit their needs

The label also allows consumers to:

  • Keep an eye on portion size (as suggested portion sizes are usually provided with front of pack information)
  • Focus on the nutrients that are important to them
  • See how individual foods fit into a balanced diet

The labels below are for two different foods; a shepherd's pie and a lasagne. Using the front of pack information total calories (per pack and per 100g) and levels of fat, saturates, sugars and salt can be compared allowing consumers to choose the product that best fits their lifestyle.

Example front of pack 

IMPORTANT: Checking the content of foods using the front of pack labels can help consumers become more aware of what they are eating.

Last reviewed: 28 Aug 2020