About us

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country.

FDF's members, which are food companies of all sizes from across the UK, are proud to make great tasting, affordable food and drink which is high quality, safe and nutritious. We want our customers to enjoy a balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle and are committed to working alongside others to help make it easier for people to achieve this.

Our commitment is long-standing: we published our first health and wellbeing action plan in 2004 and in 2007 we established a Health and Wellbeing Steering Group to work constructively with Government, regulators and others to help find solutions to the complex issues at the heart of the diet and health challenges here in the UK. Our work is varied, from reformulating old favourites so they contain less salt and saturated fat to funding community projects to help people exercise more.

Providing clear on-pack labelling has always been a key part of this work, as it allows people to make informed choices about the food they and their families eat. Food and drink manufacturers have been providing nutrition labelling voluntarily in the UK for more than twenty years. To make it even easier, we developed simplified nutrition labels to appear on the front of pack and these have been widely used for about a decade. This information has now been adopted into European legislation, ensuring clear, consistent nutrition information will be available even more widely.

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Last reviewed: 28 Aug 2020